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MSO Oware Championship 2018

Once again JW3 in Swiss Cottage was to host the 21st Mind Sports Olympiad, host of the Oware Championship, which took place on Wednesday 22nd August 2018. Just like the previous year it was an evening affair starting from 18:45 to 22:00. This year featured again a large contingent from South Korea as well as the regulars: Paul Smith, Matthew Hathrell, David Pearce, Glenda Trew. and Dario De Toffoli. Joining us was one of our old students Akash Shah. There were also a scattering of new players, both junior and senior

The competition was managed as usual using the Swiss system, in total seven rounds of a one game match were played. A new feature of this years competition was the live streaming on one of the tables utilising a goal post frame set up & several cameras to get different views of the game.

In total 5 rounds were played which went smoothly and in quick succession. The old stalwarts were blown away, with the junors from South Korea putting in a good performance.

In the end the match to decide gold and silver position came down to Glenda Trew and myself. In a fast paced game Glenda Trew came up trumps an improvement from last years silver. So Silver went to myself also an improvement on last years bronze. Akash Shah returning after an 18 year break an Oware Society student took bronze. The final game starts 1:50:48 in.

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