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Chronicles of players on the playok platform for the week beginning 26th October 2020 7th edition

The healthy competitive environment that has developed in the ashanti room on the playok platform continued apace. Last week saw the confirmation of dsk’s dominance of the league table. Although there was a brief change of the top position with serikaktayev gaining the top spot after a match with dsk which he lost 7 – 2 draws – 6. The way the ranking points are awarded based on probabilities meant that he had a few more ranking points than dsk after their match. However, this was reversed within the hour after dsk won his next few games.

Highlight of the week: This accolade without a doubt goes to the match between dsk and serilaktayev, two red zone players number one & two ranked players on the platform from the late morning in a gruelling 15-game match. serikaktayev was ahead in their first game then left a seed at a critical time for dsk to capture. Upon realising his mistake serikatayev requested a draw to which dsk graciously accepted. If the game had continued it would have been a win for dsk. In their second game serikaktayev resigned with a win for dsk. In the 3rd game serikaktayev won. The fourth game was a decisive win for dsk with serikaktayev resigning. The fifth game was a close-run game with dsk at first being in the lead. serikaktayev managed to equalise at 15 – 15, however dsk managed to win that game with some adept moves. So far 3 – draw – 1. In the sixth game with dsk on 23 seeds serikaktayev offered a draw to which dsk declined, but eventually serikaktayev was able to prevail winning the game, 3 – draw – 2. Seventh game went to serikaktayev 3 – draw – 3. Eight game with a massive lead 25 - 11 went to dsk, 4 – draw – 3. Nineth game, mid game serikaktayev gained the upper-hand, with a three-point difference, 9 – 6, Eventually dsk won the game taking the scores to 5 – draw – 3. Tenth game was a more equally matched game 5 – 2 draws – 3. Eleventh game, dsk won 6 – 2 draws – 3. Twelfth game dsk won 7 – 2 draws – 3. Thirteenth serikaktayev won 7 – 2 draws – 4. 14th serikaktayev won 7 – 2 draws – 5. 15th game serikaktayev won 7 – 2 draws – 6. Having achieved his aim of 2141 ranking points against dsk’s 2139 ranking points, putting serikaktayev in the ranking table leadership position, serikaktayev left.

Marathon matches of the week: In the evening of Monday, szczor1 engaged with panfile in a 23-game match, resulting in a 17 – 6-win for szczor1 probably one of the longest matches of the week. lordsoso vs kamilrybnik engaged in a 15-game match resulting in a 11 – draw - 3 defeat for lordsoso. smp4264g played a 14-game match with lordsoso, which resulted in an 8 – 6 win for smp4264g. lordsoso & lapwing played a 15-game mini marathon match resulting in a 12 – 3 win for lordsoso.

Risers: er17 rose one position to second, kamilrybnik moved up a whooping 16 positions to get into the top five for the first time at 5th place. dosast rose seven positions to occupy the 10th place. winin rose 4 places to occupy the 16th position. panfile rose 4 places to 18th position. zingman rose a whooping 17 positions to place 22nd overall. smp4264g rose two places to 26th position, whilst bapoware rose 4 positions to 39th place. monkftw rose 9 places to 41st position to claim a place back in the top 50 after being regulated the week before. radka183 rose 21 positions to claim the 40th position in the top 50. lawhkx dropped six positions to 47th place.

Fallers: serikakayev fell one position to third place. szczor1 fell three places to 13th. masterfisz and wkc1342 both fell one position to place 14th & 15th respectively. goru fell 2 postions to 17th place, whilst furtif1 fell two places to 33rd position. jeandidier fell the most a whooping 18 places to 38th position. lordsoso one of the most prolific players dropped eleven positions to 43rd place. lapwing was relegated out of the top 50 moving down five positions

Newcomers: From Tuesday motembapembe quietly and slowly began taking wins from some of the regular players on the platform taking their ranking points to 1431 with an impressive 14 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw out of 17 games played, an 82.4% win rate. 5460africa also came to our attention, a player to watch out for.

Practice Tournament: Saturday’s practice tournament as usual was tough and keenly contested by regulars and those trying it for the first time. The advantage of these tournaments is that players get the chance to compete with players of different rankings. The downside is it is only one game per match. In a seven-round, round-robin tournament, with last week’s winner in the fray, was harrison01 going to hold onto his title? legagnat last week’s runner up was also gunning for that first spot, after missing out on it last week.

In their match legagnat was able to defeat harrison01, with harrison01 resigning after some moves after legagnat acquired 24 seeds. In the 2nd round harrison01 lost a match to bapoware, a veteran oware competitor, but on his inaugural practice tournament. The surprise of the tournament was the defeat of legagnat by ddi who eventually came in 4th position with 4 points. At the end of the tournament legagnat was 1st with 6 points, bapoware 2nd with 6 points & harrison01 3rd with 5 points. the full results can be view via this link: . The tournament was also live streamed and can be viewed from our YouTube channel via this link:


No. Alias Ranking Points Position

25/10/2020 Change

1. dsk 2187 nc

2 . er17 2144 +1

3. serikaktayev 2141 -1

4. leprophete 2050 nc

5. kamilrybnik 1916 +16

6. mbabayayo 1892 -1

7. salgerd 1880 -1

8. tchacoto 1871 -1

9. litakuer 1855 -1

10. dosast 1831 +7

11. benndele 1827 nc

12. gbagbo 1811 nc

13. szczor1 1807 -3

14. masterfisz 1806 -1

15. wkc1342 1798 -1

16. winin 1768 +4

17. goru 1766 -2

18. panfile 1746 +4

19. pioupiou07 1720 -3

20. fadoli07 1714 -3

21. conteconte 1710 -3

22. zingman 1679 +17

23. burakikupione 1673 +1

24. nieczytelnik 1672 +1

25. djohnson 1672 +1

26. smp4264g 1670 +2

27. tinctoria 1666 nc

28. mandarin 1664 +1

29. mgs 1653 -3

30. e17 1634 +2

31. voileu1 1610 +3

32. euwe18 1602 -3

33. furtif1 1600 -2

34. alim0504 1598 -11

35. oware22 1594 +1

36. tps491g 1596 +

37. alkoko 1589 nc

38. jeandidier 1583 -18

39. bapoware 1578 +4

40. radka183 1575 +21

41. rrokii 1573 -3

42. monkftw 1561 +9

43. mamadunia 1557 -3

44. lordsoso 1554 -10

45. ncp2813g 1543 -1

46. muripa 1530 +1

47. oya01 1647 +2

48. lawhkx 1513 -6

49. legagnat 1513 +20

50. harrison01 1509 -4


Please note these rankings serve only as a guide to players activities & standings on the playok platform. It is by no means a completely accurate list, as it is not possible to know all the oware players on the platform. Also, some players may choose to at times or always play unranked games. Players are only added once they become known to us and we begin to monitor their progress.

Also note these rankings only reflect what we were aware of as of day end Sunday 1st November 2020. Rankings will certainly have changed for players who have played since then. Players who played during the past week have their alias in bold. Feel free to give us feed-back for this round up and don't forget to like or leave a comment.

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