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Afronistic Oware playing Session

This was the second Afronistic Festival to take place at the Royal Arsenal Gardens in the Woolwich Town Centre. an ideal location for such a festival as it is surrounded by communities from all over the earth who have a tradition of playing one form of pit and pebble games from Nigerians, Ethiopians, Somalians to Vietnamese. People from all walks of life both young and old congregated to enjoy the festival festivities of music dance and food and have a games of Oware.

The day started of slowly, but soon got going as the music attracted people to the area. The sun also came out to grace us with its presence and put a smile on everyone's face. To see the smile on peoples faces especially the elderly as they reacquainted themselves with a childhood activities was a sight to see. People from different parts of the earth interacting through the game was a delight to witness.

Joining us on the day was Julian Groves, who was a welcome addition to our contingent. He also took delight in learning the various versions people play from their country of origins. The antics of a few individuals brought even greater ambience to the Oware area, which attracted even more people. Time went so quickly alas it was time to pack up and go. We certainly hope to see you all there nex

t year.

Afronistic Oware Playing Session 2016
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