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22nd International Awale Tournament 2020

The 23rd International Awale Tournament was held at the 34th International Games Festival, at the Palais des Festival, Cannes (South of France), which place from Friday 21st of February & Sunday 23rd of February 2020. The tournament took place on Saturday 22nd of February 2020. Once again it was well represented with international players coming from seven countries in total.

The tournament was managed using a round robin scheduling. It featured a best of three per match, with each players having 10 minutes to complete their game. Once again players from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan competed keenly for the silver and bronze positions. In the end Serik Aktayev of Kazakhstan retained his silver position from the previous year, with Altynai Shambetova securing bronze position for herself and Kyrgyzstan. With the attendance of Grandmaster Trevor 'Simple' Simon, there was no doubt who would take the Gold position, and so it was. Trailing in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eight position was Marlis Duulabetov (Kyrgyzstan), Adu Adjei (Ghana), Maurizio de Leo (Italy), Hana Kotinova (Czech Republic) and Oliver Oguntade (Nigeria) respectively.

This year was a ground breaking event for it featured three championships in Bao, Oware and Togyzkumalak / Torguz Korgool. It featured contingents from Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UK as well as players from Antigua & Barbuda, Czech Republic, Ghana & Nigeria, a portent of things to come for Pit and Pebble games.

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