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2nd Ugandan Online Oware Championship - 2021

I congratulate all the players who took part in the 2nd Uganda Oware Championship. Congratulations to Dalton Kukeera for emerging the winner by surprise and Abdunoor Ssebi, 2nd, also by surprise. Congratulations to Lillian Namujuzi for being the best lady and for humbling her very coach, Hudson Kyagaba, who was last year's champion and Uganda's undisputed Omweso champion. For Lillian, this could be a bigger victory than being the overall champion. Congratulations to Priscilla Namukose (talisto, 9 years old), the best under 12 year old player who jubilated for trouncing Patrick Opolot. "I have beaten a highly rated player, she shouted and jumped up". When she woke up in the morning, she asked, " how much money are you going to give me for beating a strong player?". So, I have to find some money to reward her. I felt a lot of anxiety on many other boards where there was tight contest and some losing on time. To some people, this was the first time to be in a sports competition and we will appreciate if you can share your experience/feelings.

A total of 68 players registered for the event but only 38 took part in the championship. We need to find out the cause if this and any other challenges any player faced so that we appropriately address them in the subsequent championships. Kindly let us know by texting me privately the challenges faced by those who signed up for the tournament and by those who failed and suggest ways we can avoid them if you are able. If the failure to take part in the tournament was your own weakness, be free to tell us so as well and provide a solution of how this can be avoided. We fell shot of making a world record of highest number of participants online by 8. We would also appreciate to know what can be done to get more players on board targeting those who received training invitations but never honoured them.

Even though the tournament is done, be free to ask for technical support including setting up trial tournaments if you are 4 or more people that have agreed to have some tournament. This championship was graced by the Oware Society (OWS), with its headquarters in UK.

Once again, thank you for taking part in the championship. After universities are done with exams, we will direct our effort to the ancient game of Go and Xiangqi and if sports is opened up, we will continue to venture into the pleasure and glory of Morabaraba.

Dan Isabirye, PhD

President, Mind Games, Uganda

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