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2nd UK Online Oware Championship - 2021

The 2nd UK Online Oware Championship did not fail to disappoint. It took place on Sunday 24th October 2021, on the playok platform. Although the numbers were low, participation was up by more than 50% on the first edition’s numbers. Participating players came from all over the country, with the players from London dominating.

Out of sixteen players registered, eleven participated. The championship was won by Glenda Trew from London. 2nd & 3rd positions went to Seth Bonti-Asamoah & Prince Yawson respectively, also based in London. The highest placed junior was muchezo from North Yorkshire. Akash Shah also base in London and formerly a MSO Bronze medallist placed 4th. for the first time two players from Surrey participated; kzh212 and jon7541. We look forward to more players participating from different parts of the United Kingdom in the next edition.

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