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Analysis of game between Ibrahim Abubakar & Trevor Simon

Updated: May 1, 2021

The solving of Oware in the 48Stones project by Xavier Blanvillain continues to throw up surprising results.

In 2002 Ibrahim Abubakar (The Oware Assassin) and Trevor Simon (MSO Oware Grandmaster) played a series of matches, which produced an upset in the Antiguan Warri fraternity upset. These games where watched in sheer silence in anticipation of a win by Trevor Simon but it was not to be, rubbing further salt into the wounds of the Antiguans already shattered pride from their defeat at the hands of The Oware Assassin in the Open International Warri Tournament. A total of 8 matches (63 games) were played between them, on a first to six games basis. It ended with both players winning 4 matches each, but The Oware Assassin in terms of games was in the lead with 35 games to Trevor Simons 28, the last 2 matches, being convincing wins for The Oware Assassin, 6-1 & 6-0.

One of their games was recorded and placed on the Internet by Viktor Bautista i Roca from Catalonia, who was documenting these historic events. After analysis of this game using the Oracle (Awari) super program it was found to be almost a perfect game, with The Assassin winning 35 to 28.

This game was analysed by the 48 Stones database and the results reveal a difference from the first analysis be the Oracle (Awari) super program database. It revealed that the game wasn't as perfect a game as first postulated by the first analysis. However the initial analysis by the Oracle super program utilised a modified version of the Abapa rules. The results also reveal that several moves were made at the end game stage of the game which were not perfect moves. To view more detailed results of the analysis of this game visit the link below.

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