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Chronicles of Oware Players on playok and their rankings week beginning 20th September 2nd edition

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Over the past week in the Chronicles of Oware players the top five positions more-or-less stayed the same with only once change. Out of the top 50 or saw players known to us only 36 played a game in the week. Only two of the top three players put in an appearance, although they played the positions did not change with dosast gaining more ranking points 2131 in third position. A top five player who did put in an appearance was masterfisz who played a lot of games and won the majority but lost some few key games to lower ranked players and was thus relegated to 10th position.

In preparation for the All Female Online Oware Championship the female players especially where practicing frenetically to sharpen their skills and chances of winning the championship. Players of note who were most visible where alim0504, radka183 and big30.

Three newcomers: mababyao, benndele and euwe18 burst onto the scene and rampaged through the ranks taking no prisoners. The most successful player mbabayayo who started playing on the 11th of September and has rampaged through the ranking list, casting most contenders aside, stormed into joint 5th position with 1892 points, until dsk stopped him/her in his/her tracks. His or her rise has been truly meteoric, having only played 18 players with a win rate of 73.7%. Other new-comers to the platform are lordsoso, whose performance has been more tortuous but he/she has persevered and is rising slowly up the ranks.

Other names to look out for are big30 who for the first time gained her yellow status (ranking points above 1500), gbagbo, szczor1 & salascv have also gained points and are rising up the ranks.

Marathon matches of note that came to our attention where between alim0504 and mbabyayo where the score stands to date 18-6 to mbabyayo and one draw. Another marathon match was between harrison01 and lordsoso who battled it out on 23rd September with the score standing at 10-7 to harrison01.

Focus on mbabyayo (by Glenda Trew)

A new player who has burst onto the scene is mbabayayo (aka the magician), this player came to the board less than a week ago with 1200 points but soon mastered above every level player he /she came across. On playing he /she astounded me with their precise and accurate moves so by the end of the week he she reached a level 1800 points. mbabayayo thwarted almost every move of their opponent. Little is known of this player and only leaves board after winning of at least ten games straight, after the penultimate game he announces ‘last’. High level players have tackled mbabayayo at all moves imaginable, mb seems to magically move out of the way and captures seeds unannounced!

Most of mbabyayo’s opponents just ‘resign’ after several moves, some players becoming giddy and hooked on winning just falter and loose badly. At the moment from my observations mb is the mysterious magician in the online Oware game. Mysteriously came and now gone yet to reappear. I look eagerly for his / her the return.


No. Alias Ranking Points


1 serikaktayev 2147

2 er17 2140

3 dsk 2131

4 leprophete 2090

5 mbabayayo 1892

6 kamilrybnik 1892

7 dosast 1892

8 tchacoto 1871

9 litakuer 1869

10 masterfisz 1861

11 goru 1838

12 gbagbo 1811

13 benndele 1811

14 salgerd 1800

15 szczor1 1766

16 salascv 1757

17 winin 1726

18 oya01 1721

19 pioupiou07 1720

20 fadoli07 1714

21 jeandidier 1695

22 tinctoria 1677

23 alim0504 1674

24 burakikupione 1673

25 Nieczytelnik 1672

26 djohnson 1672

27 mandarin 1655

28 zingman 1645

29 wkc1342 1633

30 monkftw 1633

31 lawhkx 1619

32 rrokii 1609

33 gouglouf 1604

34 oware22 1594

35 harrison01 1558

36 mamadunia 1557

37 furtif1 1543

38 ddi 1539

39 kofler 1534

40 muripa 1530

41 elefanti 1497

42 radka183 1480

43 szusta 1461

44 fredem 1452

45 carlomonte 1447

46 euwe18 1439

47 big30 1437

48 bleedy 1430

49 tornados 1426

50 aks180 1372

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