Chronicles of players on the playok and their rankings week beginning 5th October 4th edition

Round-up of the Chronicles of players on the playok platform for the week beginning 5th October 2020

Last weeks chronicles of oware players on the playok platform did not fail to disappoint. It replete with excitement, upsets, intrigue, psychological machinations, jeering and mental acrobatics. The top five position stayed the same. A temporary change of positioned occurred when dsk took the top stop with 2160 points only to lose the position when serikaktayev won a long awaited thrilling game against dsk to reclaim the top spot with 2163 points.

Risers: szczor1 after playing a marathon number of games made it into the top ten, with dosast and litakuer demoted from it. Another riser from last weeks 16th position was salascv who a claimed well-deserved 7th position after a weeks campaign of mental battles. Other notable risers from lower down in the ranks was aks180, big30, e17, euwe18, gouglouf & lapwing, some of whom made it into the top 50 for the first time.

Fallers: Notable fallers were lawhkx, radka183, alim0504 & monkftw. Most players from the 11th to the 50th position fell one or two positions due to the advance of szczor1 7 salascv.

Newcomers on the block: very few notable newcomers came rampaging onto the scene to be noted except lapwing. lapwing burst into the ashanti room giving vou1 ayele, and drawing 1 – 1 with aks180. Thursday saw the emergence of lapwing as a serious contender for a top ten spot taking on the likes of szczor1 2 – 1, winning against szczor1 but losing to kamilrybnik. bgc1610g is another player to look out, taking some games from panfile & lordsoso, two rising players moving up the ranks. I am sure they are many more out there, however they did not make such an impact to be noticed or were totally missed by us.

Notable games: A feature that was noticed this week was some of the marathon matches that took place. It started on Monday with lordsoso and harrison1 continuing their marathon 34 game match with scores finally ending at 19 – 15 to lordsoso. An even longer match was that between szczor1 and dsk the 46-game marathon match was played over a two-day period ending on Tuesday morning. Overall results between them 41 – 5 to dsk. A two-day 19 game marathon match between salascv and panfile began on Tuesday. This resulted in a 13 – 3 and 3 draws defeat for salascv. On Wednesday kamilrybnik faced up to dosast in a 12-match thriller resulting in an 8 – 3 & one draw. Alim0504 also felt the wrath of kamilrybnik in a 4-1 defeat. kamilrybnik certainly has stamina for he went straight into a marathon 33 game match with szczor1 ending 21 – 10 & 2 draws. Later-on in the evening kamilbrybnik took on dsk. masterfisz gave zingman ayele, but lost 4 - 0 to dsk with dsk topping the ranking table with 2160 points.

Thursday evening we were graced with serikaktayev’s return after losing the top position to dsk to challenge dsk. It was a thrilling game which serikaktayev won 28 – 20. Subsequently dosast also took on dsk, however dsk got a consolation prize by giving dosast ayele (3 – 0).

On Friday in another 15-game marathon match winin suffered a 10 - 4 & 1 draw defeat at the hands of dosast in the late evening. lordsoso took on ddi in a 38 game marathon match resulting in a 21 -17 win for lordsoso. lapwing took on marecki8000lk which resulted in 2 -1 win for lapwing. Meanwhile monkftw took on szczor1 resulting in a 1 – draw to monkftw. Lapwing took on lawhkx in a 1 -1 draw, lapwing then took on djinoukh in a 2 -1 win for dosast. lewkapy defeated lapwing in a one game match Lapwing went on to take dosast and got an ayele for the effort.

Practice Tournament: Saturday’s he practice tournament saw new players grace the tables, such as e17 gunning for leprophete, natikundarit made an appearance for the first time. Jojojoyeux made a return appearance from last week’s inaugural outing.

It was a delight to take part in and watch. We were blessed with the much- anticipated match between leprophete and e17 and it did not disappoint. What seemed to be an almost foregone win for e17, in the middle game turned out to be draw with leprophete doing somersaults on the board to pull it off.

A surprise match was between big30 and e17. big30 threatened to defeat e17 pushing the result to the wire ending in a 25 – 23 win for e17. The match between leprophete and chronica was a complete decimation with an annihilating 28 – 0 defeat of chronica. The tournament ended with e17 1st, leprophete 2nd, and chronica 3rd.

More Notable games: The day did not end there, lordsoso took on furtif1 in a nine-match game and won 7 – 2 & a draw. lordsoso also took on aks180 in a twelve-match game winning 8 – 3 & a draw. lordsoso also defeated radka183 4 – 0. Later-on in the evening lordsoso engaged with harrison01 in a fourteen-game match it resulted in an 8 -5 & a draw defeat. Lordsoso suffered a 6 - 2 defeat at the hands of lapwing in an eight-game match. salascv defeated panfile in a four-game match 4 – 0. panfile took on bgc1610g in a 13-game match and won 10 – 3. panfile also lost 5 – 2 to masterfisz, kofler vs jussssstka 1 – 2.

To cap things of for the week early on Sunday vou1 took on lawhkx and lost. Brave panfile took on dsk in a seven-game match and lost. Continuing-on from their match yesterday lapwing won two games from lordsoso. alim0504 took on lordsoso in a six-game match resulting in a 3 – 3 draw. lordsoso drew with lawhkx 1 – 1. winin took on dsk which resulted in a 5 – 0 loss for winin. lawhkx was winin’s next opponent and resulted in a 5 -0 win for winin. winin won a game and drew with wkc1342.

chronica vs lawhkx 0 – 2, chronica vs dsk 0 – 1, chronica vs nuxi01 0 -2, chronica vs lapwing 3 -1, chronica vs fredem 2 – 0, chronica vs alim0504 5 - 0 wkc1342 took on veljkoc which resulted in a double ayele victory for wkc1342.

Radka183 vs jussssstka 1 -0 , radka183 vs conteconte 2 – 7, radka183 vs lewykapy 2 – 1, radka183 vs big30 0 – 2, radka183 vs tcn8957g 2 – 0, radka183 vs lordsoso 2 – 4. Kostyan2 vs lapwing 1 – 1,

aks180 vs lordsoso 0 -1, aks180 vs tornados 2 – 0, aks180 vs fwb5935g ayele 3 – 0, aks180 vs cjolla 8 – 1,

In the late evening to finally cap things off big30 took on scalpel a player who we have just recently become aware of and won 22 -1. big30 also played lawhkx resulting in a 1 – draw win big30.


No. Alias Ranking Points


1. serikaktayev 2163

2. er17 2140

3. dsk 2077

4. leprophete 2023

5. masterfisz 1956

6. mbabayayo 1892

7. salascv 1882

8. salgerd 1866

9. szczor1 1862

10. tchacoto 1871

11. litakuer 1855

12. benndele 1827

13. gbagbo 1811

14. dosast 1804

15. goru 1789

16. kamilrybnik 1734

17. pioupiou07 1720

18. fadoli07 1714

19. winin 1705

20. wkc1342 1680

21. panfile 1679

22. tinctoria 1677

23. burakikupione 1673