Chronicles of players on the playok platform for the week beginning 23rd November 2020 11th edition

This week was a busy week for oware on the playok platform. With the usual combative matches in the ashanti room, the 22nd Practice Tournament on Saturday and the inaugural Online European Oware Championship on Sunday. Subsequently we saw an influx of new players especially in the later part of the week come into the ashanti room practicing for the Online European Oware Championship, and these players did not disappoint. One player of note is apatypotimati who came to our notice on Thursday and won all his / her games to achieve a 100%-win rate. He / she also won the practice tournament winning all his / her matches. The top five players more less stayed the same with one exception. The Online European Oware Championship was keenly contested and turned up a surprise winner.

Highlight of the week: masterfisz being defeated 4 – 0 by motembapembe was certainly a highlight for the week. However, masterfisz equalised on Sunday by deafeating motembapembe 3 – draw, bringing the overall score tally between them to 6 – 6 and a draw. motembapembe has shown great promise in previous weeks and so far, and overall is only lagging dsk, leprophete and wkc1342 in their games. Another highlight was the advent of apatypotimati who all 20 games played so far, however apatypotimati is yet to be tested by the top 30 ranked players.

Risers: masterfisz rose 8 points to occupy the fifth position once one, continuing his yoyo journey in and out of the top five. apatypotimati who came onto the platform on Thursday and maintained a 100% record of wins, casting aside all opponents in the process and rising to become a yellow ranked player as well as winning the practice tournament. motembapembe continued his / her assault up to the top raising 5 points to the 13th position. lordsoso rose 11 places to occupy the 45th position getting back into the top 50. fsk9814g rose 14 places beating some higher ranked players to occupy the 62nd position. In the lower ranks players like, fsk9814g rose 13 places, chronica & 5460africa both rose 10 places and kostyan & paulie42 both rose 9 places.

Fallers: Panfile dropped one position to sixth place and relegated out of the top five. kamilrybnik fell 5 positions to 24th place. zingman the large faller in the top 50, fell 13 places to occupy the 30th position after the defeats in the mini marathon matches. jeandidier fell 3 places to the 42nd position. monkftw also fell 15 places just staying in the top 50 to occupy the 49th position. The largest fallers occured in the lower ranks with players like furtif1 and lewykapy both falling 30 positions. djinoukh and veljkoc both fell 29 positions. carlomonte and goodmornings5 fell 24 & 18 positions, respectively.

Mini marathon matches: lordsoso played a ten-game match with sanaker resulting in a 7 – 3 victory for lordsoso. kamilrybnik gave lordsoso 7 – 2 lesson in their match. On Tuesday wkc1342 & zingman played a 13-game match resulting 8 – 5 win for wkc1342. On the same day zingman & harrison01 played a 14-game match resulting in a 9 – 5 defeat for harrison01. Later on, masterfisz & kamilrybnik played a thrilling 13-game match resulting in a 9 – 4 win for masterfisz. On Wednesday lordsoso & zingman played an eleven-game match resulting in a 10 – draw – 1 trashing for lordsoso. Soon after panfile & zingman engaged in a 10-game match resulting in an 8 – draw – 1 win for panfile. zingman then went to play wkc1342 in a 10-game match resulting in a 9 – draw drubbing loss for zingman. On Thursday masterfisz gave kamilrybnik 8 – 0 lesson. New player on the block kfp2206 took on lordsoso resulting in a 6 – 3 win for lordsoso. On Friday zingman & lordsoso played a 14-game match resulting in 11 – 3 defeat for lordsoso. On Saturday lordsoso engaged harrison01 a marathon 22-game match resulting in a 13 – 9 win for lordsoso. From these observations it looks like the title of the most prolific player of last week goes to lordsoso.

Practice Tournament: The 22nd Practice Tournament was a tough competition, with high ranked players and players from past championships joining the regulars to practice for the Online European Oware Championship on Sunday. In total 15 players participated and ranged from yellow to blue ranked players. This week the newcomers reigned supreme claiming 1st, 2nd and 4th positions, with the regular player vou1 in 3rd position and the rest bapoware 5th and below.

The match between was both thralling and disappointing. Initially legagnat took the lead, however apatypotimati soon equalised at twelve seeds each. apatypotimati then pulled ahead with a kroo of 17 to capture 5 seeds (17 – 12). It then went to 17 – 15, then 20 – 15 with apatypotimati in the lead. legagnat was then able to draw evens at 20 – 20 with some shrewd end game moves, then captured two more seeds to make the score 22 – 20 to legagnat after apatypotimati declined capturing twice. They now had three seeds each in a viscous cycling movement. It looked like it was going to be a win for legagnat, for if they maintained the viscous cycling moves after three repeats the platform will have ended the game and each players would have ended up with three seeds bringing the score to 25 – 23 for legagnat, only for legagnat to lose his internet connection. Not being able to reconnect within the minute the game went to apatypotimati maintaining his or her 100% win rate, thus winning the tournament.

Online European Oware Championship: This tournament turned out to be the second most successful Oware tournament after the MSO Olympiad Oware Championship in terms of numbers of players who participated. In total 31 players took part representing nine countries. Most of the players were green ranked players, with a few blue ranked players and one yellow ranked player, who was the obvious favourite. Apart from the technical difficulties we had with the live streaming it was a thoroughly enjoyable competition to watch.

In a championship where no player was completely dominant, and new unknown players added to the mix, it was to be expected to throw up surprises. paulie42 from the Czech Republic, a regular player in the ashanti room placed 3rd after winning his first five games but losing his last two to gugus39 and kostyan2. In 2nd position gugus39 of France, who won all his matches except his round two match with his fellow country man bapoware. After seven rounds in a surprise result kostyan2 after losing to paulie42 in round 4 and defeating tinctoria in the last round came out the first Online European Oware Champion a well-deserved achievement.

tinctoria the ranked favourite eventually placed 4th with five wins and two losses. One of those losses being inflicted by UK player aks180 who himself placed 10ththe top positioned UK player. isometry representing Norway did well to place 5th. For the full results and record of individual games which you can play back and analyse visit this link:


No. Alias Ranking Points Position Games Wins Wins Losses Draws Streak

29/11/2020 Change Played %

1. dsk 2169 nc 714 629 88.1 73 12 +6

2. . er17 2144 nc 157 143 91.1 10 4 +17

3. serikaktayev 2111 nc 299 259 86.6 31 9 +2

4. leprophete 2089 nc 519 456 87.9 48 15 +24

5. masterfisz 1955 +8 1765 1252 70.9 445 68 +11

6. panfile 1944 -1 852 458 53.8 354 40 -1

7. salgerd 1911 -1 217 153 70.5 60 4 +4

8. wkc1342 1894 +2 1300 784 60.3 443 73 -3

9. mbabayayo 1892 -2 99 73 73.7 24 2 -2

10 tchacoto 1871 -2 217 140 64.5 64 13 +1

11. litakuer 1855 -2 293 189 64.5 94 10 +1

12. dosast 1831 -1 405 209 51.6 180 16 -2

13. motembapembe 1830 +5 163 104 63.8 52 7 +2

14. benndele 1827 -2 94 64 68.1 28 2 +1

15. gbagbo 1811 -1 393 310 78.9 73 10 +1

16. szczor1 1807 -1 2182 1328 60.9 756 98 -7

17. goru 1768 nc 259 214 82.6 43 2 +2

18. winin 1762 +2 1277 900 70.5 330 47 +3

19. tps491g 1733 +5 121 83 68.6 34 4 -4

20. pioupiou07 1720 +1 170 122 71.8 44 4 +3