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Invitation to compete against the Oware database 48Stones

48Stones is still undefeated! The best score to date (23-25) was achieved by International Oware Champion Trevor Simon and by Joan Sala’s artificial intelligence engine Aalina. Can you beat this score or even reach a tie with 48Stones?

This challenge is open to:

· Master Oware players endorsed by The Oware Society

· Independent computer scientists / hobbyists

· Universities researchers in the fields of games, computation, A.I.

· Private technology companies

More information about the competition rules, schedules, research and results is available on:

Spread the word!

About 48Stones

The 48Stones database was built on January 23, 2021 by Xavier Blanvillain. It is a database of every possible move at all 827.240.309.058 positions of the Oware game (abapa ruleset). It is the proof that Oware is solved and it is thought to be unbeatable. More information on the research and findings on

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Seth Bonti-Asamoah
Seth Bonti-Asamoah
11 feb 2022

Now let's see who takes up the challenge and prove once and for all if 48Stones is unbeatable.

Me gusta
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