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The 48Stones Database Beats The Awale Software 46 to 2

The validation campaign of the Oware resolution (aka 48Stones database) started on Feb 2, with the Awale software that has existed for more than 20 years. The software has been installed on a very powerful machine to provide the best playing conditions. Multiple games are played in different configurations, alternating the first players.

The first game with Awale was set at Grand Master level, with a limit of 30 seconds computation time per move. It took 1 hour and 148 moves to complete. The 48Stones database won 46 to 2. If you are curious to see the building of two 27-seed krous, download the full game transcription (in pdf):

More games are to be played against Awale in the most extreme conditions: 1 hour computation time per move (maximum allowed by Awale) . Results are to be expected within 10 days... Stay tuned!


Oware resolution:

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