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MSO Oware Championship 2017

It had been eleven years since I last attended MSO this was in 2006. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the old faces were still running the event and was being hosted at its recent home JW3 on the Finchely Road. The tournament was run using the Swiss system, with five rounds being played. Each match consisted of one game. The old stalwarts of UK Oware playing were ever present, with a large contingent of young South Korean players. In total eighteen players took part representing three countries.

As usual with these competitions of one game matches it was over quickly in the time allotted. The young South Koreans did very well for their age. if they continue on this path they certainly will be a force to look out for.

The outcome was never in question with Paul Smith retaining his title of the top Oware player in the country. With Glenda Trew and myself in joint silver position. Yoon-Seo Jang of South Korea placed 4th the top South Korean positioned players.

Glenda Trew (Jamaica) vs Cosimo Cardellicchio (Italy)

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