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Chronicles of Oware players on PlayOK and their Rankings

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Ever since Oware was reintroduced on the Playok platform after several years of absence a frenetic competition for who will reign as the top Oware player on the platform began. Most driven by their desire to improve their game, it has provided a healthy and conducive platform from which to achieve this. The exception being those who choose to strategically turn off the ranking points for certain games for fear of losing ranking points. It must be pointed out that some do so for they are not interested in ranking points and wish to play without the dynamic that comes with ranking points.

What at times makes it exciting is that you will find games times ranging from 1 min to 15min for each player to make all their moves. Apart from this, new players are always coming onto the platform upsetting the fledgling established hierarchy.

The beauty of the platform is that it allows any player registered to schedule tournaments at set times and for set conditions. This has been taken advantage of and weekly practice tournaments and monthly championships are now scheduled. The platform also allows one to review past games, either downloading the moves onto your device or playing each move on the platform. Recently the ability to make alternative moves to that made in the actual game, thus analysing the outcome of alternative moves has been added. This function will go a long way to adding to players development.

Over the past few months since it has been reinstated several players have come to dominate the ranking table. It is our plan to chronicle the weekly oware events on the platform and publish as accurate as can be, an up to date ranking list table. The ranking will not be a totally accurate as games may be taking place whose outcome is yet to be decided when being published. It will also only feature the top 10 to 20 players that are known to us.

Due to the anonymity of players identification on that platform it is not possible to publish all the players names and countries they hail from. When possible players countries if known to us will be placed by their usernames. What can be said is that the top three players: leprophete is an indigene of Benin, er17 and serikaktayev are both indigenes of Kazakhstan.

serikaktayev of Kazakhstan, MSO Oware Olympiad Oware silver medallist currently leads. leprophet from Benin, has risen-up the ranks in the past few weeks since missing out on competing in the MSO Oware Championship in August. He topped the ranking list a few days ago with 2207 points, only to lose the top position to serikatayev, due to losing some games to dosast of Kazakhstan and masterfisz of Poland.

A rough guide to rankings on 15th September 2020 at the time of writing were as follows. Please be aware this is by no means an entirely accurate or exhaustive list.

1. serikaktayev - 2155 - Kazahkstan

2. er17 - 2140 – Kazakhstan

3. leprophete - 2079 – Benin

4. dsk – 1995

5. masterfisz - 1974 Poland

6. salascv – 1885 Cabo Verde

7. dosast – 1856 Kazakhstan

8. tchacoto - 1871

9. goru – 1860

10. salgerd – 1841

11. winin – 1831

12. kamilrybnik – 1810

13. wkc1342 – 1801

14. gbagbo – 1789

15. litakuer – 1723

16. tinctoria 1771

17. lawhkx – 1723

18. oya01 - 1721 Kazakhstan

19. pioupiou07 – 1720

20. fadoli07 - 1714

21. szczor1 - 1678 Poland

22. burakikupione - 1673

23. nieczytelnik - 1672

24. djohnson - 1672 – Nigeria

25. zingman - 1666 - Côté D’Ivoire

26. mandarin – 1655 Kyrgyzstan

27. wonzczarnastonka – 1619

28. oware22 – 1543 Kyrgyzstan

29. muripa – 1530

30. radka183 - 1526 Czech Republic

31. monkftw – 1524 U.K.

32. harrison01 - 1503 Uganda

Look forward to next weeks rundown of performances, upsets and progressions in the Chronicles of Oware Players in the ashanti room on the playok platform:


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