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Chronicles of players on the playok platform for the week beginning 12th October 2020 5th edition

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Last week’s exploits of oware players on the playok platform continued unabated. Marked by marathon matches of the most prolific players. Lower ranked players getting the better of higher ranked ones. A couple of newcomers rampaging through the ranks. To cap it all some exciting games and rises and falls in the ranking table. The top position of the leadership table finally changed last week, with dsk holding the top position with 2175 points from serikaktayev’s 2165 points. After taking the position, it looked like both serikaktayev and er17 were seeking out dsk to claim their positions back, however the inevitable match did not materialise and we look forward to it happening this week.


The weeks campaign of notable matches began on Monday with a matches between wkc1342 vs big30 & wkc1342 vs lordsoso. wkc1342 won 2 games from big 30, then took on lordsoso in a 7-game match resulting in a 6 – draw defeat for lordsoso. Following this it was the turn of alim0504 in a 9-game match to suffer an 8 – 1 defeat at the hands of wkc1342. kamilrybnik vs wkc1342 in an 8-game match it resulted in 5 -2 draw win for wkc1342. Finally panfile halted wkc1342 in 2 – 0 defeat. wkc1342 also suffered one game defeat at the hands of salascv. In turn salascv suffered an ayele from kamilrybnik in the afternoon, won a game against wkc1342 but lost a game against dsk. The match between salascv & lapwing resulted in a 4 -1 win for salascv. Finally salascv won a game from panfile.

After the initial defeat lordsoso suffered another defeat 4 - 2 at the hands of radka183, lordsoso vs lapwing 2 – 0, lordsoso vs bme 2 -0, lordsoso vs alim0504 0 -4. alim0405 campaign began with an 8 -1 defeat at the hands of wkc1342 in a 9-game match. alim0504 then went on claim a game from lewkapy. furtif1 challenged monkftw and received ayele 3 – 0 for the effort. futif1 then went on to take on dsk and received 2 – 0 lesson for the effort.

A surprise upset occurred in a 3-game match between aks180 and dsk where aks180 was able to win a game from dsk resulting in a 1 -2 win for dsk. dsk vs wkc1342 4 – 0 defeat for wkc1342, dsk gave zingman ayele plus one, then kamilrybnik 1- 0, finally giving panfile ayele plus one. zingman then loss 4 – 0 to kamilrybnik.

On Tuesday masterfisz vs kamilrybnik engaged in semi marathon 14 game match, resulting in a 11 – 3 win for masterfisz, masterfisz then gave wkc1342 ayele, and finally won a game against dosast. dosast then lost to dsk lost to 10 – 0 &, dsk vs wkc1342 drew 2 -2. radka183 campaign began with an ayele (3 – 0) defeat of dnw1236. radka183 then went on to win 1 – 0 against lapwing, and loss 9 – 4 to lordsoso. lordsoso continued his campaign with 4 -0 defeat of dnw1236 4 -0, 5 -3 & a draw win against furtif1, a 4 – 7 loss alim0504 4 - 7, 2 -1 win against jussssstka, 7 – 3 defeat against radka183 and finally a 10 -5 defeat of lapwing.

kamilrybnik defeated ddi 4 – 0 in a four-game match, kamilrybnik went on to defeat masterfisz 11 – 3. monkftw gave gaugus39 ayele, gugus 39 lost a game to lewykapy. dsk gave aks180 2 – 0 lesson for the effort. big30 continued with a win against jussssstka 2 – 1 but lost a game to. wkc1342 vs gouglouf 2 – 0, gouglouf lost to harrison01 4 – 0. panfile vs monkftw 5 - 1, panfile vs dsk 4 – 0, panfile vs salascv 2 -1.

Wednesday saw wkc1342 give scalpel, player who recently came to our attention, a double ayele 6 – 0, alim0504 suffered 2 – 3 defeat at the hands of ddi. A new player who drawn attention to themselves with their performances is mozezagrasz drew with lordsoso, mozezagrasz lost a game to vou1. mankalacz won a game against tornados.

big30 suffered an ayele at the hands harrison01 the same fate was repeated with lapwing, fairing better with orange1988 harrison01 vs radka183 2 – 1, harrison01 gave lawkhx 5 – 0, lost 2 games to kamilrybnik and lost 3 games to wkc1342, won a game against na5e and drew with lordsoso.

masterfisz only match of the day to our knowledge was with dosast, which resulted in a 4 – 1 win for masterfisz. dsk started the days campaign with an ayele win against ddi. dsk & kamilrybnik then played an eleven-game match resulting in a 11 – 0 massacre of kamilrybnik. To finish the day dsk won two games against wkc1342. lapwing vs veljkoc 4 – 1 salascv vs lapwing 5 -1.

Thursday's matches of note were those of wkc1342 who took on marecki8000lk won by 5 – 0 (ayele + 2). radka183 then took on marecki8000lk and came away with 1 – 1 draw. masterfisz started of the day with a 3 – 1 win over jeandidier, then it was the turn of dosast to suffer a 5 – 1 defeat at the hands of masterfisz

In the evening the frenzy of games ensued with matches between panfile vs monkftw 3 -1, dosast vs panfile in a 23-game marathon match resulting in a 9 – 14 win for panfile, alim0504 & lordsoso engaged in a 31-game match resulting in a close 16 – 15 win for alim0504, scalpel vs furtif1 2 - 3, kamilrybnik vs wkc1342, scalpel vs dadoduduo 1- draw – 2 win for dadodusuo.

lordsoso gave lewykapy ayele, harrison01 won the match4 - 3 against big30. the match between lordsoso & fredem resulted in a 4 – 2 win for lordsoso. Lordsoso then engaged in a marathon 7 game match with djinoukh which resulted in a 4 – 3 win for lordsoso. lordsoso engaged in an even longer marathon 31-game match with alim0504 which resulted in a 15 – 16 win for alim0504. Soon after that lordsoso played a 5-game match with jussssstka which resulted in a 4 -1 defeat for jussssstka. big30 subsequently gave lordsoso ayele. lordsoso then went on to do the same to lewykapy. Finally lordsoso joint along with alin0504 winners of Thursday’s marathon match title finished the day with a 6-game match with fredem resulting in a 4 – 2 win.

big30 continued her campaign up the ranking table with some wins against players in the lower ranks. Then a six-game match with harrison01 which resulted in 3 – 3 draw. The day was finished of with a 1 – 0 win against lewykapy. harrison01 started the day with a 1 – 0 win against tornados.

salgerd loss two games to panfile. dsk once again gained the top spot with a 2 – 0 win against wkc1342.

On Friday harrison01 took on lordsoso in a six-game match resulting in 4 – 2 defeat for harrison01, harrison01 gave fredem ayele (3 – 0). tornados gave na5e ayele (3 – 0). radka183 drew with lawhkx and went onto take on scalpel in a nineteen-game marathon match resulting in a 12 – 7 win for radka183. scalpel took on bme and won 1 - 0. dsk gave wkc1342 ayele (3 – 0), wkc1342 then took on big30 resulting in a 2 – 0 win for wkc1342. wkc1342 engaged with marecki8000lk in a four game match resulting in a 3 – 1, marecki8000lk then drew 2 – 2 to alim0504, marecki8000lk vs gugus39 received an ayele from gugus39. alim0504 lost four games to dsk and won two games against lewykapy.

dsk took on marecki8000lb the result was an ayele, alim0504 received 5 – 0 from dsk. tornados & lordsoso played a semi marathon eleven-game match resulting in a 8 – 2 & draw win for lordsoso. tornados then went onto suffer a seven games defeat at the hands of wkc1342. wkc1342 then played a seven-game match with tinctoria, resulting in a 5 – 2 defeat for tinctoria, tinctoria then went on to lose 3 – draw to masterfisz, is learning streak continued with a 2 – 0 defeat to kamilrybnik. In the evening jussssstka took on big30 and won 2 – 0. radka183 vs lordsoso engaged in a 21-game match resulting in a 15 – 6 loss for radka183.

Saturday started off with matches between big30 & tornados resulting in a 2 – 3 win for tornados. big30 vs chronica & alim0450 vs wkc1342 results 1 – 2. alim0504 then challenged chronica. masterfisz took on dsk in a five-game match resulting in a 3 – 2 win for dsk. lawhkx won two games & drew one game with chronica, conteconte won a game against phlorix50.

Practice Tournament: Once again the practice tournament did not disappoint, with eighteen players competing and the calibre of players that entered increased, as expected it turned out to be a tough one full of surprises. Lordsoso attempted to get in the mix of things but unfortunately his internet connection let him down.

This tournament was noted with lower ranked players increasingly giving higher ranked players a hard time. In round one monkftw overcame panfile, a player who has excelled in the ashanti room reaching the orange category of players. In round two alim0504 drew with harrison01 in a tough match.

Round three in general and in-particular the match between leprophete & harrision01 was the show- stopper of the tournament. In an unforeseen outcome, harrison01 was able to push leprophete to a draw. Round three also saw alim0504 win the match against former multiple champion mandarin. Newcomer to these tournaments was able to overcome panfile. vou1 was able to draw with former champion oware22.

At the end of seven rounds, leprophete reigned supreme again with 6.5 points. Coming in a surprise and well-deserved 2nd position is ddi. Also in a well -deserved 3rd position is 9at1. With the positions of these tournaments in constant flux, stirred up by newcomers to the party, it bodes well for competitive playing in tournaments to come.

After the excitement of the practice tournaments matches proceeded in the ashanti room with masterfisz & salgerd engaged in a thirteen-game match resulting in 9 – 3 &a draw win for masterfisz. masterfisz then subsequently lost against winin. winin went on to win two games against big30.

wkc1342 gave lordsoso and ayele + 1, wkc1342 played a 14-game marathon match with alim0504, resulting in a 8 – 4 & two draws win for wkc1342. wkc1342 then drew with tornados. elefanti’s only game for the week was a loss to lewykapy,radka183 won a game against bme. Panfile started the days campaign with a 1 – 1 draw with alim0504, and ending it with a ten-game match with jeandidier resulting in a 6 – 4 win for panfile. marecki8000lk won 2 – 1 & draw against cov1, marecki8000lk then played a mini marathon twelve-game match with alim0504 resulting in a 10 – 2 win for alim0504.

Sunday’s campaign of matches began with a 13-game match, which stretched into the afternoon, between tornados & winin resulting in a total 13 game loss for tornados, jeandidier & winin, ddi challenged winin resulting in a 6 -1 lesson for ddi. It was next the turn of tornados to receive a double ayele lesson from winin.

Jeandidier suffered and ayele defeat at the hands of masterfisz, masterfisz then gave na5e 2 - 0. In a three-game match masterfisz suffered a 2 -1 loss at the hands of dosast. wkc1342 vs masterfisz 1 – 3 & a draw, dosast vs alim0504 4 – 0 draw, er17 vs lordsoso 2 - 0, serikaktayev vs lapwing 2 – 0, serikaktayev vs cov1 1 – 0. monkftw took on zwkiboy resulting in an ayele for zwkiboy, monkftw then took on lordsoso resulting in a 3 -2 defeat for lordsoso. vou1 won a game against jussssstka, veljkoc loss two games to veljkoc.

masterfisz suffered a 2 – 1 defeat at the hands of lordsoso & chronica lost 2 – 1 to big30. Late afternoon in a four-game match salgerd & masterfisz drew 2 - 2, radka183 vs phlorix50 match resulted in a 3 -1 victory for radka183. The match between big30 & oya01 resulted in a 6 – 1 loss for big30. oya01 vs winin 4 – 2 draws – 1 win for winin, winin then defeated jussssstka 2 - 0, dosast & alim0504 engaged in a 9-game match resulting in a 7 – 2 defeat for alim0504, lordsoso vs zkibwoy resulting in a close 4 – draw – 3 win for lordsoso, kamilrybnik vs conteconte 5 - 1, lordsoso vs harrison01 8 - 7, jussssstka suffered an ayele defeat at the hands of big30. masterfisz & salgerd drew 2 – 2.

lordsoso one of the most prolific players on the platform finished of this week’s campaign with an eight-game match with gugus39 resulting in a 6 -2 win for lordsoso.

Risers: dsk, wkc1342 rose 2 points, alim0504 rose from 37th position to 22nd positon. harrison01 and moved into the top 50.

Fallers: szczor1 fell 4 positions from 9th to 13th, kamilbrynik also fell 4 positions from 16th to 20th zingman dropped 10 positions from 27th to 37th position. alkoko fell 6 positions from 32nd to 38th. monkftw dropped 2 positions from 38th to 40th. big30, lordsoso and lawhkx dropped out of the top 50.

Newcomers: conteconte made their mark by defeating monkftw 3 – 1. conteconte also won against dadoduduo 2 -0 & defeated aks1870 2 – 0. Another new player to draw attention to themselves is tcf9811g who defeated scalpel and drew with lordsoso.


No. Alias Ranking Points


1. dsk 2175

2. serikaktayev 2165

3. er17 2144

4. leprophete 2025

5. masterfisz 1897

6. mbabayayo 1892

7. salgerd 1880

8. tchacoto 1871

9. salascv 1858

10. litakuer 1855

11. benndele 1827

12. gbagbo 1811

13. goru 1789

14. winin 1759

15. szczor1 1758

16. dosast 1754

17. wkc1342 1680

18. pioupiou07 1720

19. fadoli07 1714

20. kamilrybnik 1685

21. panfile 1683

22. alim0504 1593

23. tinctoria 1677

24. burakikupione 1673

25. nieczytelnik 1672

26. djohnson 1672

27. mandarin 1664

28. mgs 1653

29. conteconte 1651

30. oya01 1647

31. jeandidier 1647

32. e17 1634

33. harrison01 1616

34. voileu1 1610

35. euwe18 1602

36. oware22 1594

37. zingman 1592

38. alkoko 1592

39. rrokii 1573

40. monkftw 1559

41. mamadunia 1557

42. bapoware 1549

43. ncp2813g 1543

44. lapwing 1534

45. gouglouf 1533

46. muripa 1530

47. aks180 1509

48. furtif1 1509

49. mathllem 1509

50. mankalacz 1500


Please note these rankings serve only as a guide to players activities standings on the playok platform. It is by no means a completely accurate list, as it is not possible to know all the Oware players on the platform. Also, some players may choose to at times or always play unranked games. Players are only added once they become known to us and we begin to monitor their progress. Please note these rankings only reflect what we were aware of as of day end Sunday 18th October 2020. Rankings will certainly have changed for players who have played since then. Players who played during the past week have their alias in bold. Feel free to give us feed back on this round up and don't forget to like or leave a comment.

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