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Chronicles of players on the playok platform for the week beginning 19th October 2020 6th edition

The week beginning 19th October 2020 saw the continued dominance of dsk on the ranking leadership board. Also witnessed was the resurgence of some players after a brief absence. We managed to capture some spectacular games. There were less marathon matches, 30-games +, mini marathons 20 games or less were the flavour of the week. The frenetic activity that marked previous weeks campaigns was subdued. The only change in the top five leadership position was masterfisz dropping out and being replaced by mbabayayo who has not been seen for a month. The highlight of the week was the long-awaited match between dsk & serik aktayev. This took place on Monday in which dsk won a 25 - 15 game against serikaktayev. What is increasingly becoming a trend is that players require 1500+ ranking points (yellow grades) to stay in the top 50.

Mini marathon games of note were those involving harrison01. First harrison01 engaged big30 in an eleven-game match resulting in a 7 - draw – 3 win for harrison01. Then harrison01 engaged in a 17-game match with ddi resulting in a 11 – draw – 5 win for harrison01. monkftw engaged in an eight-game match with newcomer mielzky, resulting in a 5 – 3 victory for monkftw. A nine-game match between kamilrybnik & masterfisz resulted in 6 – 3 loss for kamilrybnik. lordsoso was at the receiving end of a 9 – 2 thrashing by new-comer smp4264g in a 11-game match, smp4264 a player to watch out for. smp4264 then went onto lose a match 2 – 1 to big30.

wkc1342 took on conteconte in a 11-game match resulting in 6 – draw. radka183 engaged lordsoso in a 7-game match, resulting in a 6 – 1 loss for radka183. szczor1 started of this week’s campaign with matches with big30 resulting in a 1 – 0 win & drawing 1 – 1 jeandidier. The surprise of the week was the 1 – 1 draw between serikaktayev & lewykapy. winin engaged with marecki8000lk in a 19-game mini marathon match resulting in an almost total annihilating 18 – 1 win for winin.

The longest match of the week went to dosast vs dsk, who played a 31-game marathon match, which stretched into Wednesday resulting in 26 – 5 loss for dosast. kamilrybnik played a ten-game match with masterfisz resulting in an 8 – draw – 1 win for masterfisz. lordsoso vs radka183 played a marathon 23-game match resulting in 13 – draw – 9 win for lordsoso. ddi engaged harrison01 in a mini marathon 16-game match resulting in a 9 – 7 win for harrison01. ainurjak put in an appearance in the evening winning two games of mozezagrasz. masterfisz received a 7 -1 lesson defeat at the hands of dsk.

Risers: dosast rose from 16th to 9th position. szczor1 rose from 15th to 10th place. wkc1342 rose from 17th to 14th position. conteconte rose 11 positions to 18th. jeandidier rose from 31st to 12th position. smp4264g after an absence burst into the top 50 to secure a 28th position. The highest riser position goes to furtif1 who jumped 16 positions from 48th to 31st. lordsoso probably the most prolific players managed to rise into the top 50. lawhkx & lewkapy two prolific-players also managed to secure a places in the top 50 at 42nd & 48th positions respectively.

Fallers: Once again masterfisz fell from the top five, from fifth position to 13th. goru fell 2 positions to 15th. winin fell 6 positions from 14th to 20th. kamilrybnik, panfile & alim0504 fell one position to 21st, 22nd & 23rd respectively. tinctoria fell four positions from 23rd to 27th. zingman dropped two positions from 39th to 37th positions. oya01 drooped a whopping 19 positions from 30th to 49th just to stay in the top 50. harrison01 also manged to stay in the top 50 desite dropping 13 positions from 33rd to 46th position. monkftw, aks180, goulouf & mankalacz lost their positions in the top 50.

Newcomers: Three new players who made their presence felt in the ashanti room were smp4264g, mielzky and tps491g. In the late hours of Saturday tps491 won a match 4 -3 against zingman a top 50 player. mielzky gave winin a 1 – 0 defeat in an abandoned game.

Practice Tournament: This week’s practice tournament although less patronised by players was keenly contested. It was the first practice tournament live streamed and can be viewed at The Oware Society YouTube channel. It looked like legagnat was going to win but lost to harrison01 in their match, for harrison01 to win the tournament for the first time, congratulations to him.

UK Online Oware Championship: On Sunday this championship was hosted for the first time. Numbers were small but also keenly contested. A championship reserved for just UK based players, there was at least player not based in the UK who wanted to participate but was withdrawn, the player expressed their disappointment in no uncertain terms. After a five-round contest lordsoso reigned victorious with 5 points, aks180 coming in 2nd and 5460africa placing 3rd. Well done to the young players naarah & muchezo drawing in their match and placing 4th & 5th respectively. Apologies to niosi who signed up to play but was not allowed to do so because their alias was not recognised at the time.


No. Alias Ranking Points Position

25/10/2020 Change

1. dsk 2171 nc

2. serikaktayev 2115 nc

3. er17 2144 nc

4. leprophete 2025 nc

5. mbabayayo 1892 +1

6. salgerd 1880 +1

7. tchacoto 1871 +1

8. litakuer 1855 +1

9. dosast 1838 +7

10. szczor1 1837 +5

11. benndele 1827 nc

12. gbagbo 1811 nc

13. masterfisz 1795 -8

14. wkc1342 1777 +3

15. goru 1766 -2

16. pioupiou07 1720 nc

17. fadoli07 1714 nc

18. conteconte 1710 +11

19. jeandidier 1647 +12

20. winin 1701 -6

21. kamilrybnik 1690 -1

22. panfile 1686 -1

23. alim0504 1686 -1

24. burakikupione 1673 nc

25. nieczytelnik 1672 nc

26. djohnson 1672 nc

27. tinctoria 1666 -4

28. smp4264g 1664 +

29. mandarin 1664 -2

30. mgs 1653 -2

31. furtif1 1643 +17

32. e17 1634 +1

33. lordsoso 1615 +1

34. voileu1 1610 -2

35. euwe18 1602 nc

36. oware22 1594 nc

37. alkoko 1592 +1

38. rrokii 1573 +1

39. zingman 1557 -2

40. mamadunia 1557 +1

41. lawhkx 1552 +

42. kofler 1451 +

43. bapoware 1549 -1

44. ncp2813g 1543 -1

45. harrison01 1539 -13

46. muripa 1530 nc

47. lewykapy 1525 +

48. oya01 1647 -19

49. mathllem 1509 nc

50. lapwing 1508 -6


Please note these rankings serve only as a guide to players activities & standings on the playok platform. It is by no means a completely accurate list, as it is not possible to know all the oware players on the platform. Also, some players may choose to at times or always play unranked games. Players are only added once they become known to us and we begin to monitor their progress.

Also note these rankings only reflect what we were aware of as of day end Sunday 25th October 2020. Rankings will certainly have changed for players who have played since then. Players who played during the past week have their alias in bold. Feel free to give us feed-back for this round up and don't forget to like or leave a comment.

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