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International Intellectual Games Oware Championship 2019

The International Intellectual Games Oware Championship - Polish Open 2019 took place at the Adam Mickiewicz University in the city of Poznan on Sunday 21st July 2019. For an inaugural event, the organisers did an amazing job of getting such a wide range of international representation. Nine countries in total were represented, with total 37 players participating.

The tournament was played over seven rounds, with a match consisting of one game. The final results was totally dominated by the Kyrgyz contingent taking the first six places. The Czech Republic represented by Hana Kotinova and Pavel Noga placed seventh and eight. Poland, Germany, Pakistan, Brazil, Japan and Israel trialled behind them.

Congratulations are due to Gulzat Kokoeva and her family the force behind this event. As well as IFMG for sponsoring the event, with support from OWS, all the players both and those who travelled from abroad, the caterers who kept us fed and competed at the same time, the chap who provided the tea, the organisation that lent the clocks and last but not least the UAM for hosting the event.

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