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IX. Basque Tournament of Oware 2021

On Friday the 6th of November 2021, 8 players met at Jofer Bar, Santutxu-Bilbao, Basque Country to compete for the IX Basque Oware Championship title. The title was competed over a 4 round Swiss system tournament, with each match determined by a one game per match basis. Two players had to leave the tournament after the second round but we enjoyed a lot and people said they will participate also in online tournaments.

We were playing for more than two hours. We played 4 rounds, and we set a limit for each round of 30 minutes. In case no one will reach 25 capture seeds, both were given a tie. Daniel and Tomas left the tournament after playing two rounds but the other 6 players played to the end.

The last round was very interesting, both the game that Egoitz played against Jon Ander for the gold and the game that Aitor and Luis played. The two games were even, and small details unbalanced the games. People liked it and our idea is to speak with some associations of Africans (especially with the Ghana Association in the Basque Country that we already know) who live in Bilbao to propose to them to play the Basque-African Oware Tournament the next first and that be an official annual tournament. We would play it at the local Ghaneses association in Bilbao.

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